What I packed for my 40 hour trip to Sri Lanka

What I packed for my 40 hour trip to Sri Lanka

Traveling the world and exploring other cultures feed my soul. I have traveled to 5 continents and dozens of countries. My most recent trip was visiting Sri Lanka after 5 and half years.

It took about 40 hours from the time we left Utah to get to our destination in Kandy, which included a 16-hour flight and a 7-hour layover in Dubai. With the travel season in the USA upon us, I thought it will be fitting to share some of my travel tips and what I packed in my carry-on to survive the long journey.

1) Keeping yourself hydrated is so important during long flights. I prefer my water fairly cold. It is not only inconvenient to keep asking for ice water on a 16-hour flight but also in some parts of the world ice water means barely below room temperature. So, I always pack a well-insulated water bottle, fill it up with ice cubes at the airport and top it off with cold water through out the journey.

2) I prefer to travel with no make-up and no sunscreen, especially on those long flights. Our skin is dehydrated, stressed, and come in contact with so many toxins during long flights, so it is better to give it some breathing room to minimize breakouts and damage.

3) I always pack my skincare, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, and anything else I may need to freshen up in my carry-on. Good thing is my Kalaia Skincare Products are TSA approved so I never have to transfer them to smaller containers. Win win!

4) In Dubai I booked an airport hotel so we could shower, change, and sleep for few hours before the final leg. If you are flying business or first class, most major Asian/Middle Eastern airlines also offer showers in their lounges. I was skeptical at first but was pleasantly surprised to see how well they were cleaned after each guest.

5) Long flights and airport food are guaranteed to give you stomach discomfort. So, I travel with supplements containing probiotics, fiber, and other ingredients that promote gut health. On this trip I also took some melatonin to make sure we got enough rest during our 16-hour flight.

Traveling is fun but traveling well prepared can make your trip a whole lot easier. Let me know where you might be jet setting next and what some of your dream destinations around the world are.