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Ayurvedic Superfoods Unlock Clean Skincare

"In my early 30s I was struggling with my skin – adult acne, skin discoloration, to some signs of aging. No matter how much money I’ve spent on premium skincare products, I couldn’t find anything that resolved all of my skin concerns with one simple regimen. It got me thinking, I’ve never had troubled skin growing up. So I decided to go back to my roots and learn about ancient Sri Lankan beauty rituals. I studied the skin and health benefits of the unique natural ingredients we used on our skin as well as in our daily diets. That’s when I realized how much I under appreciated the benefits of what mother nature has to offer.

Today we bring ingredients from your kitchen to your vanity through our products inspired by ancient Sri Lankan beauty rituals that were passed on for generations.

At Kalaia, we approach skin care differently! We believe in improving the overall health and wellness of the skin with our power-packed, multi-tasking products rather than treating different skin conditions using a whole lot of products no one can stay consistent with. We have combines unique natural ingredients from around the world with modern technology and delivery systems to create a 4-step regimen that will leave our customers with glowing, smooth, beautiful skin. 

My personal skin transformation and the testimonials of thousands of customers speak for the effectiveness of our products."

Gaya Samarasingha

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"What I am most proud of is the difference we were able to make in so many people’s lives over the past 5 years. Whether it is a customer finding her confidence because of our products; a Brand Partner being able to put their kids through dance lessons because of her side-hustle; or a female business owner across the world realizing her dreams because of our micro-loan program; I know we are making a positive change in this world. We couldn't have done it without our community of Brand Partners passionately sharing our products and our mission. Every story told and the every product shared makes a difference. Join us on our mission to empower women around the world."

Gaya Samarasingha

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Our lucrative success plan offers 5 ways to earn including 25-30% commission on every customer order you refer. Whether you are looking for $400-500/month or a full-time income, we offer a Success Plan that will meet your financial needs. 

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You will never be alone on this journey. Personal website to training and tools, we provide everything you need to achieve your goals. Plus we guarantee that you will fall in love with our amazing community of like minded women from all walks of life; and will make lasting memories and friendships at our Brand Partner exclusive events.

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Our Giveback Program

Dreams are universal but opportunities are not. That's why we extend our mission to empower women through our giveback program, Kalaia Cares.