Skincare for Men

Skincare for Men

With Father’s Day in the United States around the corner, I thought it is timely to talk about Skincare for men. When it comes to men, simple and effective is the name of the game. While more and more men are now pursuing healthier, younger looking skin, many steps and layering products aren’t for most of them. But, they do want to see results!

In this blog post I will share few must-have skincare products for men. They may even make an ideal Father’s Day gift for the men in your life.


Everyone should use a good cleanser, but most men don’t want to use one product for their body and one for their face. So, find a cleanser that works for the entire body. Make sure it cleans well but also doesn’t dry out the more sensitive/thinner skin on the face, which is the challenge with most body-washes. One of many reasons I absolutely love Kalaia’s Detox & Balance – Cleansing Bar and why it has become a household favorite among our customers is because it is multi-tasking. Additionally, its neutral fragrance and color make it a perfect cleanser/body-wash for men. With how well it lathers, it can also replace their shaving cream!

"My husband and I both love to use this bar. I love how it removes all of my makeup without drying my skin or burning my eyes. Easiest regimen I’ve ever used!" ~ Becky R.


Hydrating the skin after cleansing and/or shaving is a must to avoid skin dehydration and to minimize irritation. Dehydration leads to dullness, acne, and lines and wrinkles none of us want, including men. A good moisturizer packed with hydrating and moisturizing ingredients will be my next recommendation to all men who are ready to look after their skin. With a very subtle, clean fragrance, Kalaia’s Hold Tight – Overnight Moisturizer could be a great addition for his simple skincare routine. 


Everyone needs to use an SPF in the morning, not just for the cosmetic reasons but also to protect against skin cancer. Get your man a good sunscreen! My go to brand is Supergoop because of their clean ingredients and products that don't leave a white film on the skin. They have several products that are great options for men as well. 

Eye Cream:

Eye creams are quickly becoming one of the more popular skincare products among men. None of us want those stubborn lines and wrinkles around our eye area. A good eye cream will be a great addition to any man’s skincare routine whether he is looking to prevent or reverse signs of aging. Hyaluronic Acid packed Kalaia’s Preserve & Restore – Eye Cream might be just the right product for him.

"I'm a guy. I didn't have a daily routine......until now. So my wife bought this and me being a typical husband I was teasing her about aging. As part of teasing her I put some on the *ahem* fine lines around my own eyes. At this point I am actually looking at my skin and my eyes and notice that I may not be as young as I once was. The next day I felt like I saw subtle changes but my better half explained to me that results don't happen overnight and I would need to use it for a few weeks. Well a few weeks go by and my wife asks me where her eye cream is. I explained that she doesn't have any eye cream but she is welcome to use my eye cream and its a part of my daily routine. After she stopped laughing about me having a daily routine she took a close look (let's face it, we never look at our spouse that closely) and was impressed by the results. Needless to say, we both use this as a part of our daily routine now.

I never write reviews but I'm pretty impressed with the product and needed to share it with someone but I haven't worked up the nerve to tell my friends I have a daily routine let alone what I have in it." ~B.C.

My biggest advice for you is to keep it simple, especially, if he is new to skincare, because you want him to stays consistent long enough to see the results.