Skincare inspired by ancient Sri Lankan beauty rituals
and made with unique natural ingredients.

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We believe in doing more with fewer products. Experience the difference with multi-tasking skincare inspired by ancient Sri Lankan beauty rituals and made with  SUPERFOODS from around the world.

"These pictures are almost two weeks apart. I usually don't post about products, but this system saved my skin. I only have one real pimple right now. The rest are healing! I've suffered with acne since high school and found systems that maintained the battle, but never won the war. Kalaia products nourishes my skin. My poor face didn't want more alcohol or acne meds. It just needed some love! Thank you Lisa for introducing me to this product and thank you Gaya for finally giving our skin what it needs."


Just wanted to share with y’all that this is not even a 24 hours difference... I’ve had little bumps, dry flaky patches, & a lot of redness around my nose for the last month & a half & this is the best it’s looked since mid June.


Why I created Kalaia

In my early 30s, I was struggling with my skin – adult acne, skin discoloration, and signs of aging. No matter how much money I spent on premium skincare products, I couldn’t find anything that resolved all of my skin concerns with one simple regimen. It got me thinking how I never had troubled skin growing up. So, I decided to go back to my roots and learn about ancient Sri Lankan beauty rituals. I studied the skin and health benefits of the unique natural ingredients we used on our skin as well as in our daily diets. That’s when I realized how much I under appreciated the benefits of what mother nature has to offer.

Today we bring ingredients from your kitchen to your vanity through our products inspired by ancient Sri Lankan beauty rituals that were passed on for generations.

At Kalaia, we approach skin care differently! We believe in improving the overall health and wellness of the skin with our power-packed, multi-tasking products rather than treating different skin conditions using a whole lot of products no one can stay consistent with. We have combined unique natural ingredients from around the world with modern technology and delivery systems to create a 4-step regimen that will leave our customers with glowing, smooth, beautiful skin. 

My personal skin transformation and the testimonials of thousands of customers speak for the effectiveness of our products.

Gaya Samarasingha

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