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Dreams are universal, but opportunities are not.

1% of every dollar spent with Kalaia goes to fund female owned businesses through a micro-loan program. We are proud to partner with to reach these entrepreneurs and to provide them the financial resources that they may not have through their communities.

Join us to fuel the dream of another hard-working woman around the world!

43 Women we've supported

Rohayati, a 48 year old mom of two and an entrepreneur from Lebak, Indonesia owns a business that sells gas cylinders. She has owned this business for 10 years and the income has helped not only cover their day- to-day expenses but also to provide her children a good education.

Rohayati is seeking a loan to buy inventory and hire staff.

Taele is a 48-year-old mother of 7 children living in Faleasiu, Samoa. She owns and operates a small business of selling elei printing materials at the market to earn a living. She has been doing this for more than 5 years. With this loan,

Taele hopes to build a small elei shop in her village and expand her business.

Eka is a mom, a wife, a nurse, and a talented artisan from Bali, Indonesia. She is building her business while working at the hospital as a nurse so she can provide a better future for her children.

Eka is seeking a loan to purchase wood and other supplies needed to meet the demand during the holiday season.

Deysi is a young entrepreneur and the owner of a food preparation business from Sucre, Bolivia. She learned to cook from her mom and has many aspirations for her future including expanding her business and buying herself a home.

Deysi is seeking a loan to purchase an industrial stove.

Rosalind is from California, United States and the owner of an acupuncture clinic in Los Angeles. When the New York based franchise she was part of closed their doors due to COVIDI 9, she opened her own practice to continue to serve her clients.

Rosalind is seeking a loan to manage the increased costs associated with COVID19.

Charmagne is aa single mom of a 13-year-old daughter and a breast cancer survivor from California, United States. After facing a life changing experience with her diagnosis, she started her business with the mission to create non- toxic products for her customers.

She was seeking a loan to expand her business.

Shadia, a 20 years old entrepreneur from Makindye, Uganda started her spare parts business when she was 16. Shadia, a wife and a mom who is working hard to support her family, is dreaming of expanding her business and building a home.

Shadia is seeking a loan to increase her inventory.

Melissa, an entrepreneur from Montana, USA, challenged the status quo and chose to follow her love for the land by starting her own farming and processing business.

She is seeking a loan to help install an irrigation/fertigation system; and to build a website and other social media platforms to market her business.

Mousumi is a 36-year-old entrepreneur from Nadia, India. She is engaged in the handloom business and makes beautiful sarees.

Mousumi is seeking a loan to purchase more threads in bulk to increase her production as her current income isn't enough to support her family of four.

An immigrant from the Republic of Georgia (former USSR), Shorena is an entrepreneur from Brooklyn, New York. Following her mother's footsteps,Shorena started her own clothing business in the United States

she was seeking a loan to expand her business.

Malaea is a single mom of 6 children in Samoa who is working hard to build her pancake business to provide for her family.

She was raising money to expand her business so she can use her profits to provide her children a better education.

As a married parent of four children, Bergie works hard to support her family. She has a native bamboo wall making business in the Philippines, and also earns additional income working at the general store.

She hopes that her hardwork will help her attain her dream of sending her children to college.

Norma is a mom of two from Sensuntepeque, El Salvador. She is the owner of a home based business where she sells pupusas (stuffed tortillas) and eggs. Norma dreams of her children growing healthy and of putting her store in a more strategic location.

Norma is seeking a loan to purchase some equipment.

Rita from Ainaro, Timor- Leste, has owned an operate a General Store since 2012. She supports her family through her growing small business.

Rita is seeking a loan to increase inventory to further expand her business. Her goal is to build her store to a much larger business in the future.

Maria is seeking a loan to purchase farming supplies and to hire more people to increase corn production.

Maria, a widow anda mom of 3 grown children from Sensuntepeque, El Salvador. She takes care of her grandson who is in school while managing her farm.

Maria's big dream is to provide better education for her son. She is seeking a loan to purchase more supplies for her store.

Maria is a single mom from San Miguel Centro, El Salvador. She followed her mother's footsteps to start her own home-based store.

Pamela is a 20 year old young entrepreneur from Tulcan, Ecuador. After graduating from high school, she had to forge a better future for herself because her parents were not able to put her through college. Pamela took control of

her future by starting her own farming business and looking for a loan to increase her crop.

Rachna is a 45 year old entrepreneur from Battambang, Cambodia. She is married with a child. Rochna has been running a grocery store for five years.

Rachna is seeking a loan to restock her store so she can earn more income and improve her family's living standard.

Vicenta is a hardworking entrepreneur and an owner of a home based clothing business from Ita, Paraguay.

She was seeking a loan to expand her business so she can provide her loved ones a decent life

Nazish Jahan is a 40-year- old entrepreneur, wife and a mom of three children living in Sheikhupura, Pakistan.

In order to support her family and to improve the quality of living, she started her own business of stitching women's dresses 10 years ago. Nazish is seeking a loan to help expand her business to meet the customer demand.

Micki, former special educations teacher and a mom of a special needs son from California, USA, is the owner of a small business that educates the caregivers of special needs children and adults.

She is seeking a loan to cover the working capital needed to implement Teletheraphy to continue to serve her clients during COVID 19.

Marshelle, a small business owner from Colorado, USA, is the owner of a gym that's exclusive to women and children.

She is seeking a loan to cover the basic expenses and pay her employees while they pivot to provide virtual fitness classes for their clients during COVID 19.

What started with a homemade mint tea with turmeric juice led to a home-based business that promotes love and wellness through herbal tonics, cold-pressed juices, smoothies, vegan foods and desserts.

Jacquelyn was seeking a loan to open their first cafe to expand her business.

Gissel is a 22 year old entrepreneur and a young mom to a 4 year old son from Esmeraldas, Ecuador. With the help of her parents she started a home based store with the hope of creating a better future for her son.

Gissel is seeking a loan to increase inventory and to grow her business.

Lei is a 54-year-old widow and a single mom of eight children rom Savaii, Samoa. She has a small business a Plantation Where she grows taro to support her family.

Lei is seeking a loan to buy equipment and supplies to improve her business

Goundo, is savvy, young entrepreneur who leads and partnered with five other women to start a wax fabric business in Senegal. She is a wife and a mom of 10 children who is on a mission to provide her children a better education.

Goundo helps others to dream big while pursuing her own dreams.

Margaret is a mom, wife and a hardworking entrepreneur from Kericho, Kenya who is determined to provide her family a better future beyond a decent living that includes a roof over their head, clean water and electricity.

Her main source of income comes from their tea farm and Margaret is seeking a loan to help increase their harvest.

Joyce owns a cocoa farming and trading business in Uganda. She is married and a mother of four children. She cares for her children, including paying school fees, with the income from her small business.

With the help of this loan, Joyce looks forward to expanding her business into a big cocoa store.

Christy, a mom of two from Baton Rouge, Louisiana started her spice business a year and half ago with the support of her husband.

She is seeking a loan to finance the the purchase of the raw materials needed to fulfill the orders of her growing business.

Concepciön has been operating a general store for 3 years from her home in El Salvador. Her husband is a carpenter and she only received a 7th grade education.

She works everyday from 5:30am - 7:30pm so she can support her family and provide a better future for her son.

Madhu is from California, USA. She is an engineer by trade but became a designer and an entrepreneur as she created a solution to a problem she faced as a new mom.

Madhu's patent pending diaper bag idea was first funded through Kiva two years ago and she is seeking a second loan to expand her business.

Ghada, a 35 year old mom of two from Aley, Lebanon, started her retail business 10 years ago. She is the primary provider for her family and her children.

A year ago, Ghada expanded her home- based store to a retail location and currently seeking a loan to further expand her business.

Dasha is a licensed manicurist and the proud owner of a nail salon that offers a healthier alternative to acrylic nails. Based in Saint Louis, MO, her salon is acrylic and fume-free.

Dasha is seeking a loan to buy new equipment that will increase the quality of their services.

Lydia is a 29 year old mom of two with a 10th grade education from paynesville South,Liberia. Following her mom's footsteps Lydia started a business selling charcoal. Her big dream is to one day open a charcoal warehouse.

She is seeking a loan to buy additional inventory.

Emilia is a young entrepreneur from San Miguel, El Salvador. Inspired by her mom, Emiliia started a catering business out of her home two years ago.

She is seeking a loan to grow her business with the goals to one day expand her business into a proper location.

Eloisa, a 26 year of young entrepreneur and a farmer from Cabanatuan, Philippines is seeking a loan to purchase fertilizer for her crop. Eloisa has been engaged in the farming industry for almost four years, where

she grows calamansi (a citrus fruit) and eggplant to make a living.

Kayissan is a 32-year-old entrepreneur from Agoe, Togo. She is building her spice business on the side while managing a restaurant. Her goal is to create financial freedom for her and her family through her small business.

Kayissan is seeking a loan to increase inventory to meet her customer demand.

Luvenika is a 34-year-old mom and a wife from Ma'ufanga, Tonga. She runs a flea market business because her husband's income as a taxi driver cannot support the family. Her vision is to build a new house for her family.

Luvenika is seeking a loan to pay for the freight of the goods that just arrived at the wharf.

Beverly is a 36 year old entrepreneur from Matei, Fiji who owns a food stall. She is working tirelessly to improve the living conditions of her family and to keep her children in school.

Beverly is seeking a loan to purchase more ingredients to expand her business.

Aurai is from Surin, Thailand, a rural area of the country. She supports her mom, daughters, and grandchildren through her small business that makes and sells sculptures.

Aurai is seeking a loan to increase production and expand her business.

Laura is a wife and a mom of two from New York, USA. Laura is the proud owner of an apparel company she started from the scratch and manages with her husband.

Laura is seeking a loan to purchase a new embroidery machine to increase sales.