A Parent's Guide to Tween and Teen Skincare

A Parent's Guide to Tween and Teen Skincare

In light of the current TikTok trend of tweens swarming Sephora to buy anti-aging skincare and high-end makeup, I thought it is only appropriate to share my thoughts on the topic. After all I'm raising a tween who is becoming more and more interested in skincare, makeup, and fashion.

It is a fun age where they are curious and eager to explore new territory. As a mom, I absolutely love being part of that journey with Maya. At the same time as someone who's done her fair share of research into beauty/skincare ingredients, I'm thankful to know where to draw the line. It is a delicate balance!

Let me first start by saying I'm a big believer in tweens and teens having a good skincare regimen. Maya started when she was about 6 years old and has been consistent with it ever since. That being said, they don't need complicated skincare nor make-up. Too much can do more harm than good for their young skin.

Maya's Skincare Regimen:

Here's what Maya's daily regimen looks like and how you can help your tween/teen make some adjustments based on their skin type and needs. Also remember, this is not just for girls. It is crucial for boys to care for their skin as well.


Encourage your tween or teen to wash their face using a gentle, sulfate-free cleanser. This helps remove dirt, oil, and impurities without over-drying the skin. If she/he has dry skin or live in a dry climate, they can use the cleanser only at night and wash their face with water in the morning.

For someone with oily/acne prone skin, I recommend using the cleanser twice a day - morning and night. Maya uses Kalaia's Detox & Balance - Cleansing Bar every night. It is easy to use and packed with natural ingredients. It also doubles as her body wash. Plus some of the ingredients in the cleansing bar can help combat teen-acne they may experience during this age as well.


Hydrating the skin is crucial, even for those with oily skin. Opt for a lightweight, non-comedogenic moisturizer to prevent clogged pores. Maya uses Kalaia's Hold Tight - Overnight Moisturizer - morning and night. It has ingredients to add and hold hydration; and sooth and repair the skin barrier that can tremendously improve dry, irritated, and eczema prone skin all while controlling skin's natural oil production to avoid acne breakouts. 


Sunscreen is non-negotiable! Teach your child to use a broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher sunscreen daily to protect their skin from UV damage. My favorite brand of sunscreens is Supergood (no affiliation). They have many active ingredients and delivery methods to choose from.

Things I will not use on my daughter's skin:

  • Toxic ingredients like sulfates, pthalates, parabens, added colors, and artificial fragrances can be very harmful for young skin. So I always look at labels and avoid those at all cost.
  • Young skin doesn't need anti-aging ingredients like retinol. They are too harsh for even most adults. Don't let your child damage her skin barrier with strong actives like retinol. 
  • Tweens and most teens do not need exfoliation with the exception of extreme acne. So avoid AHAs, BHAs, etc unless she/he is experiencing acne. Even then I would opt for natural exfoliants that are gentle on the skin. If you have a teenager who may need that extra help with acne prone skin, checkout Kalaia's Fresh Canvas - Exfoliating Powder made with natural and organic active ingredients. 

How about makeup?

Most makeup products have toxic and harsh chemicals that we shouldn't introduce to younger kids. So I'm big on avoiding them as long as you can. As Maya turned 10 she got couple of fun lip glosses she is allowed to use. Otherwise I encourage her to rock her beautiful natural skin, which she seem to embrace at the moment.


I get it, navigating these tween and teenage years during this day and age of social media isn't for the faint of heart. But instead of just saying no, I hope this information will help you explain the why behind it, which today's younger generation seem to respond to well.

I also take a proactive approach and try to be the first person to introduce Maya to products and trends she might be interested in before the outside world influences her. This allows me to be the fun mom and control the narrative.

As always I'm here for questions and feedback. Parenting truly takes a village and remember, we are in this together.