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75 Women we've supported

Manda from Wisconsin, USA is a homeschooling mom of 3 with an MBA who fell into entrepreneurship when she identified an unmet need in her community - the absence of a bicycle repair shop.

Combining her husband's 28 years of expertise in bicycle repair and her background in business, they now run a successful bike repair shop. Manda is seeking a loan to expand their growing business.

Farida is a mom of three children, a wife and a business owner from Cilegon, Indonesia. She has been running a food stall business for eight years, where she sells food and a variety of vegetables to earn money for her family.

Farida is a very hardworking mother, who always strives to provide the best for her children. She is seeking a loan to buy more inventory and to expand her business.

Delgermaa is from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and is a hardworking mother of three children. She is a tailor who has been running her business for eight years and employs four people.

Delgermaa is seeking loan to purchase sewing threads, fabrics, silks and other necessary items to expand her business so she can send her children to the school of their choice.

Myriam, an immigrant from Nicaragua, is a small business owner based in Utah, USA. From a young age she was inspired by her entrepreneurial mother to create financial independence through her own business.

Myriam is seeking a loan to expand her cleaning business. She hopes to eventually open a store, just like her mom to pursue her passion; and to create jobs and wealth for her community.

Ingrid is a wife, a mom to a little boy, and a young entrepreneur from Neiva, Colombia. Between her fruit cart at the local plaza and the special deliveries to local restaurants, she sells about a ton of products every day.

Ingrid is seeking a loan to purchase a motorcycle to expand her business and to streamline the transportation of her produce.

Ryah, an entrepreneur with 15 years of business experience and an artisan from Iowa, USA. She handcrafts high quality and organic fragrance wax that are made with with soy wax, beeswax, and essential oils.

Ryah is seeking a loan to expand her business including but not limited to increase production, hire employees, and to purchase new machinery.

Ana and her 6 siblings grew up in Huanuco, Peru ingrained in rich culture. From a young age her parents taught them to be proud of their origin, to live simply and realize the value of hard work.

These values led Ana to start a business knitting alpaca clothing and accessories. Like for most small businesses, the pandemic was challenging for Ana as well. She is seeking a loan to rebuild her business post-pandemic.

Tsetseggoo, a wife and a mother of 2, is a talented seamstress from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. With 20 years of experience under her belt, she is continuing to build her business to provide a better education for her children.

Her goal is to one day expand her business with her daughter. Tsetseggoo is seeking a loan to pay her business rent and purchase materials.

Kelera, a wife and a mother of 4, is a farmer from Serea-Waimalua, Fiji. She works hard to maintain and improve her crop so she can support her family, especially during the off season between crops.

Kelera is seeking a loan to purchase planting material, cassava stems, and fertilizer to prepare her plot for the next season.

Clarise from Pennsylvania, USA is on a mission to make creativity & the healing powers of art accessible to all through her studio that offers affordable art classes to her community and programs for underserved communities through local non-profit organizations.

Clarise is seeking a loan to renovate her studio space and to buy new art supplies.

Kalolaine is the creator of a high quality, handcrafted, and limited edition jewelry brand based in Utah, USA. A little girl who grew up in Tonga with a love for jewelry and big colorful imaginations has made her dreams a reality in her early 60s.

Kalolaine is seeking a loan to expand her business.

Nining a wife, a mother of two daughters, and an entrepreneur from Subang, Indonesia. She runs a home-based food and vegetable shop to support her family's financial needs, mainly her children's' education.

Nining is seeking a loan to buy more food and vegetables for resale to expand her business.

Ilisapesi is a mother of five and a wife to a carpenter from Houmakelikao, Tonga. She runs a tapa-making and weaving business to support her family. Her finished products are exported overseas for better pricing.

It is her dream to build a financially stable future for her children. Ilisapesi is seeking a loan to buy more materials to increase production.

Lisa is an entrepreneur and a single mom from Utah, United States. She is a survivor of domestic sex trafficking. Finding her passion in skincare and becoming an Aesthetician provided her a path out of the trafficking life after 14 years.

Today Lisa is seeking a loan to expand her business to a second location.

Dunia is a hardworking business owner from Comayagua, Honduras. She owns a store that sells household essentials at an affordable cost.

Dunia is seeking a loan to purchase more products to increase her sales.

Liz is the founder of a vegan cheese brand based in Rhode Island, United States. What started out as fulfilling a personal need for delicious vegan cheese turned into a successful business when her friends encouraged her sell her cheese.

Liz has expanded her brand into stores all over New England and is seeking a loan for further expansion.

Rosa is a farmer Masaya, Nicaragua. She is thriving in a male dominated industry with the support of her family. Over the years her business has become a significant source of income for her household.

Rosa is seeking a loan to expand her business with the goal of becoming a citrus and other fruit supplier at the national level.

Nining is the proud owner of a construction supplies business from Pandeglang, Indonesia. She is working hard to build her sand business not only to provide daily needs for her family but also to provide a good education for her four daughters.

Nining is seeking a loan to expand her business with the hope of creating a better future for her family.

Juliana is a 29-year-old entrepreneur from East Mamprusi district in Ghana. With her previous Kiva loan she expanded her business producing and selling shea butter. Juliana is now seeking a second loan to purchase more shea nuts so that she can produce shea butter in bulk and increase her profit margin.

Her goal is to reinvest the profits to grow her business so she can support her family.

Clara is a mom of two from San Marcos, Guatemala who recently lost her husband. She is currently finishing her college degree while managing two businesses, a general store and a restaurant, her and her husband started.

Clara is seeking a loan to expand her business and to purchase inventory so she can provide for her children as a single parent.

In celebration of Mother’s Day, last month Kalaia Cares pledged to donate to an organization that supports women and children in Ukraine. We are thrilled to support UN Women USA with our donation. UN Women is the UN organization dedicated to gender equality and empowerment of women around the world. They are currently working to ensure priority needs of women and girls’ fleeing Ukraine are met.

Angela (26) is a young mom of two toddlers from Port Vila, Vanuatu. She has been operating a small retail store out of her house with the support of her partner.

Angela is seeking a loan to buy supplies to expand her business so she can not only support her immediate family but also her extended family.

Ambavi is an entrepreneur from Iowa, United States; an immigrant; and a single mom to a 7-month old baby girl. Her lifelong passion for designing outfits led Ambavi to start her own business back in 2018. Her outfits made from African fabrics are now shipped all over the world.

Ambavi is seeking a loan to buy materials, upgrade her equipment, and to pay for increased shipping costs due to COVID19.

Alphonsine is a hardworking entrepreneur from the host community of the Kiziba refugee camp in Rwanda. She owns a transportation company that employs eight people, both refugees and people from the host community.

Alphonsine is seeking a loan to purchase another vehicle to expand her business so she can support her family while creating jobs for others in her community.

Kortinee, a single mom of two and a frontline healthcare worker from Illinois, USA is following her entrepreneurial dreams on the side with her hair care business. After putting her dreams on hold to prioritize serving people in need during the pandemic, she is now ready to expand her business.

Kortinee is seeking a loan to increase production so she can mass produce her haircare products to meet the demand.

Millie, a wife and a mom of two from Puerto Rico lost her job of 11 years in 2020 due to the pandemic. Instead of focus on the negativity, she decided to take the opportunity to follow her passion in the beauty industry and started her own business.

A year later she is the owner of a salon that specializes in lash extensions and an employer of 3 other women. She is seeking a loan to expand her business.

Samar is a wife and a mother of 3 from Hashmeya-Zarqa, Jordan. Due to the low income from her retired husband, Samar started a small home based sewing business to support her family.

Samar is seeking a loan to get new tools and raw material to grow her business so she can continue to support her family financially.

Choice is a 32 year business owner from Jacob Town, Liberia. She started a general store 7 years ago with the seed funding from her partner.

Choice is seeking a loan to buy more charcoal, rice, pepper and water to increase sales. This business provides her children's daily meals. Her dreams are to travel and continue her children's education.

Collette is a wife, a mom of 3, and an entrepreneur from Congo. She started her shoe business in 2001 with the support of her husband and has gradually grown it over the years.

She is seeking a loan to expand her business with the goal of continuing to support her family, especially the education of her 3 children.

Linda is an entrepreneur from Lpeti Colono, Panama who has grown her family farming business over the years with the limited resources at hand.

Linda is seeking a loan to purchase ginger seeds to increase their organic ginger production.

Alexis is an Air Force veteran from Florida, USA. After suffering from acne for years, she embarked on her own journey to create a solution. Today as a Licensed Esthetician and a Certified Electrologist, Alexis helping many others with their skin concerns.

Alexis is seeking a loan to purchase equipment and products for her business.

Yaeng is a business woman and a farmer from Surin, Thailand. She and her extended family live under one roof and make a living by cultivating a jasmin rice farm and making key chains.

She is seeking a loan to buy more materials to make key chains so she can provide for her family.

Margarita is a single mom of 4 children from Gotera, El Salvador. She is a hardworking mom who provides for her family by making and selling silk hammocks; and farm work. Margarita dreams of seeing her children go to college so that they can succeed in life.

She is seeking a loan to buy farming supplies to plant basic grains.

Samantha from Oruro, Bolivia, is a community leader who is supporting a group of women while chasing her dream of building her food business. She is a single mom who lost her restaurant job due to the pandemic but was determined to pave her own way to provide for her son.

She is seeking a loan to buy more ingredients to cook.

Fátima is a mother and an entrepreneur from San José, Costa Rica. She has owned a shoe business for over 8 years where her son works with her to run day to day operations. What started out as an online business has now expanded into a store.

Fátima is seeking a loan to further expand her business beyond her local community.

Dasha is a licensed manicurist and the proud owner of a nail salon that offers a healthier alternative to acrylic nails. Based in Saint Louis, MO, her salon is acrylic and fume-free.

Dasha is seeking a loan to buy new equipment that will increase the quality of their services.

Beverly is a 36 year old entrepreneur from Matei, Fiji who owns a food stall. She is working tirelessly to improve the living conditions of her family and to keep her children in school.

Beverly is seeking a loan to purchase more ingredients to expand her business.

Aurai is from Surin, Thailand, a rural area of the country. She supports her mom, daughters, and grandchildren through her small business that makes and sells sculptures.

Aurai is seeking a loan to increase production and expand her business.

Charmagne is a single mom of a 13-year-old daughter and a breast cancer survivor from California, United States. After facing a life changing experience with her diagnosis, she started her business with the mission to create non- toxic products for her customers.

She was seeking a loan to expand her business.

Rosalind is from California, United States and the owner of an acupuncture clinic in Los Angeles. When the New York based franchise she was part of closed their doors due to COVIDI 9, she opened her own practice to continue to serve her clients.

Rosalind is seeking a loan to manage the increased costs associated with COVID19.

Madhu is from California, USA. She is an engineer by trade but became a designer and an entrepreneur as she created a solution to a problem she faced as a new mom.

Madhu's patent pending diaper bag idea was first funded through Kiva two years ago and she is seeking a second loan to expand her business.

Deysi is a young entrepreneur and the owner of a food preparation business from Sucre, Bolivia. She learned to cook from her mom and has many aspirations for her future including expanding her business and buying herself a home.

Deysi is seeking a loan to purchase an industrial stove.

Eka is a mom, a wife, a nurse, and a talented artisan from Bali, Indonesia. She is building her business while working at the hospital as a nurse so she can provide a better future for her children.

Eka is seeking a loan to purchase wood and other supplies needed to meet the demand during the holiday season.

Rohayati, a 48 year old mom of two and an entrepreneur from Lebak, Indonesia owns a business that sells gas cylinders. She has owned this business for 10 years and the income has helped not only cover their day- to-day expenses but also to provide her children a good education.

Rohayati is seeking a loan to buy inventory and hire staff.

Rachna is a 45 year old entrepreneur from Battambang, Cambodia. She is married with a child. Rochna has been running a grocery store for five years.

Rachna is seeking a loan to restock her store so she can earn more income and improve her family's living standard.

Micki, former special educations teacher and a mom of a special needs son from California, USA, is the owner of a small business that educates the caregivers of special needs children and adults.

She is seeking a loan to cover the working capital needed to implement Teletheraphy to continue to serve her clients during COVID 19.

Marshelle, a small business owner from Colorado, USA, is the owner of a gym that's exclusive to women and children.

She is seeking a loan to cover the basic expenses and pay her employees while they pivot to provide virtual fitness classes for their clients during COVID 19.

Melissa, an entrepreneur from Montana, USA, challenged the status quo and chose to follow her love for the land by starting her own farming and processing business.

She is seeking a loan to help install an irrigation/fertigation system; and to build a website and other social media platforms to market her business.

Shadia, a 20 years old entrepreneur from Makindye, Uganda started her spare parts business when she was 16. Shadia, a wife and a mom who is working hard to support her family, is dreaming of expanding her business and building a home.

Shadia is seeking a loan to increase her inventory.

Maria is seeking a loan to purchase farming supplies and to hire more people to increase corn production.

Maria, a widow anda mom of 3 grown children from Sensuntepeque, El Salvador. She takes care of her grandson who is in school while managing her farm.

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