Gaya Samarsingha

Born and raised in Sri Lanka, Gaya came to the United States in 2004 with two suite-cases, the love of her life, and full of dreams. She is a mom, a wife, an immigrant, and an entrepreneur who

is passionate about not only skincare that addresses the needs of everyday women who are stretched for time; but also empowering women in business.

Since moving to the United States, Gaya struggled with multiple skin concerns from adult acne, skin discoloration to some signs of aging, As a young, working mom with a demanding career, Gaya struggled to maintain her 8-10 step skincare regimen and was unable to find a comprehensive solution to her common skin concerns. She knew she wasn't alone.

In her quest to find a more holistic solution for her skin challenges, she discovered the amazing skin benefits of the unique natural ingredients used in ancient Sri Lankan beauty rituals and Ayurvedic medicine.

She was blown away by her own skin transformation. That’s when she knew she needs to share these ancient skincare secrets with millions of women and men who are looking for affordable, toxin free, and non-invasive ways to resolve their common skin concerns.

That’s how Kalaia was born...A clean, simple, and effective skincare line inspired by ancient Sri Lankan beauty rituals and formulated with unique natural ingredients from around the world.

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How we give back

Inspiration behind Kalaia Cares

"When my mom started her entrepreneurial journey over 3 decades agoback in Sri Lanka, all she asked for was a $100 loan. She was denied because she didn't have anything of value to put down as a collateral. I was naive to think resources for women in business would be different in the 21st century, especially in the United States. I couldn't have been more wrong.

To my surprise, I was asked by an investor how I plan to build a business as a young mom. That was the day I decided to fund Kalaia on my own and to create the Kalaia Cares - Charitable Program where 1% of all Kalaia sales go towards funding female owned businesses around the world through micro-loans.

We have a responsibility to create a future where our daughters and grand-daughters have better opportunities to make their dreams a reality. We are changing lives one product at a time."