Master the fundamentals

Master the fundamentals

Whether you own a business, have a side-hustle or thinking about starting one, one of the things that will set you up for success regardless of the industry, is mastering the fundamentals.

Every business has fundamental activities you must do, day in and day out. They are the foundation of your business. As businesses grow and time pass, entrepreneurs/business owners tend to pay less attention to those fundamentals. We get distracted with new and exciting initiatives. But when our foundation is weak, our businesses stops growing and could even start to decline.

In my line of business, Direct Selling, the fundamentals are sales, recruiting, on-boarding, and retention. Everyone must perfect them; and regardless of the number of years in business and/or the leadership title, those are the activities what will drive growth in any Direct Selling business. Everything else comes secondary. 

Don't confuse it with strategy.

Strategy for each of these may be different from one person to the other. Some may prefer online/social media strategies to sell and recruit while others may prefer belly to belly/in-person strategies. Figure out what works best for you and your business, then master it!

Then comes duplication because that's what create growth. Create a system and simple training to duplicate these strategies within your team so you don't have to reinvent the wheel with every new team member.

This applies to every business regardless of the industry. Be very clear on your fundamentals, the most critical activities, in your business. Identify the strategies that can drive those fundamentals. Master it and train your team, even your employees.

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