Hi, I'm Gaya! 

Founder and CEO of Kalaia. During the last recession, I hit rock bottom. My husband and I were about to loose everything. We didn't have a place to live and were dead broke.

One day, a total stranger introduced us to an industry we knew nothing about. That industry was direct sales.
Though we were scared, our motivation to make ends meet and eventually make our American Dream a reality was stronger. So we said YES. That decision changed our lives. 

I have worked nerly 15 years in the direct industry, launching and managing businesses in five continents around the world. I have coached and mentored thousands of leaders and have witnessed first hand how this industry can change lives. It certaintly changed mine.

But back in 2017 I realized the industry is changing and desperately in need of innnovation. I knew there had to be a better way and that's how Kalaia products was born. Through the pandemic we continueud to innovate and pivot so we can provide you a side-hustle that offers a partnerrship deserving of your time and energy.

So, how is Kalaia different? 

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We won't force you to purchase a pre-designed starter kit. Try any product you want, share what you love, and earn commissions. Create your Brand Partner account for only $50 and immediately receive a $50 product credit that can be applied towards your first Kalaia purchase. 

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As a Kalaia Brand Partner, you receive a sharable link to track your orders, a customer discount code, a back-office to manage your business, a 20% discount on all personal purchases, and access to business training for free.

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We value your freedom! You are free to partner with any company you want and promote any products you love. 

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Subscriptions are available for loyal customers who like to save an additional 10% on their clean skincare purchases. But Brand Partners are not required to have any personal purchases in order to earn commissions.

Quick and Easy Commission Payouts:

Daily commission payouts are processed through PayPal.

Earn the Most on Your Personal Referrals: 

Earn 20-28% commission on your customer orders. Imagine earning $420/month with just 10 customer orders?

* Calculated based on the current average order size of $150.

No Team Building Requirements:

You can choose to refer other Brand Partners and earn a referral commission. But it is completely optional. Review the full Success Plan Here.

Cutting Edge Digital Marketing Technology:

We know parties are a thing in the past and most people prefer to build their businesses online. That's why we've upgraded our technology and platforms to meet your needs.

First thing's first... Let me tell you about

Our Products

In my late 20s and early 30s I struggled with my skin a lot. Adult acne, skin discoloration, and some early signs of aging were also starting to creep in. I felt insecure every time I walked into a room. My skin imperfections impacted my self-confidence and all aspects of life in more ways than I ever anticipated.

It was also the time we were looking to start a family so most acne medications, anti-aging treatments, and even some skincare ingredients like retinol weren’t an option for me.In my quest to find a more holistic solution for my skin challenges, I discovered the amazing skin benefits of unique natural ingredients used in ancient Sri Lankan skincare rituals and Ayurvedic medicine. These ingredients are also used in daily diets in Sri Lanka (where I was born and raised).

I started incorporating these ingredients into my diet and to my skincare routine. I was blown away by the results. My acne healed. I started receiving endless compliments on my radiant skin, which hasn't happened in a long time. My lines and wrinkles started to fade away. Everyone kept asking what my new skin care secret was.

Even though I was happy to share what I was doing, most people couldn’t replicate it as some of these ingredients are hard to find in the United States. That’s when I realized I had to find a way to share the benefits of these ingredients with the world because, millions of women and men need them in their lives.

That’s how Kalaia was born... A clean, simple, and effective skincare line inspired by ancient Sri Lankan beauty rituals and formulated with unique natural ingredients from around the world.

Today we bring ingredients from your kitchen to your vanity so you too can experience the amazing skin benefits of these natural ingredients.

My personal skin transformation and the testimonials of thousands of customers speak for the effectiveness of our products. 

Gaya Samarasingha

We believe in doing more with fewer products. Experience the difference with multi-tasking skincare inspired by ancient Sri Lankan beauty rituals and made with  SUPERFOODS from around the world.

"These pictures are almost two weeks apart. i usually don't post about products, but this system saved my skin. I only have one real pimple right now. The rest are healing! I've suffered with acne since high school and found systems that maintained the battle, but never won the war. Kalaia products nourishes my skin. My poor face didn't want more alcohol or acne meds. It just needed some love! Thank you Lisa for introducing me to this product and thank you Gaya for finally giving our skin what it needs."


Just wanted to share with y’all that this is not even a 24 hours difference... I’ve had little bumps, dry flaky patches, & a lot of redness around my nose for the last month & a half & this is the best it’s looked since mid June.


So, How Do I Make


  • 25-30% commission right out of the gate so you start earning on day one + 4 additional ways to earn
  • Proven duplication system to grow your business online or in person (up to you)
  • Lifetime Access to Private Facebook Group and weekly Q&A with our Founder/CEO, so that you can get unstuck in a matter of minutes and maintain your momentum while you’re building your business
  • Training with some of the top experts in the world
  • Affiliate-style links and exposure
  • Digital Tools to help manage and run your new business

It's never been easier to start earning money simply talking about & sharing skincare you love! 

Are You Ready To Get Started?

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Business Kit


Our Brand Partner Business Kit is the best option for anyone who wishes to partner with Kalaia to share the products and earn a portion of the revenue. With the Business Kit you receive USD229 (AUD321) value for only USD150 (AUD210)!

Business Kit includes:
- All the Digital Tools (USD 50 value)
- Deluxe Set (USD 179 value) includes Keep Smooth - Day & Night Serum, Hold Tight - Overnight Moisturizer, Fresh Canvas - Exfoliating Powder, Detox & Balance - Cleansing Bar
- Kalaia branded swag item
- FREE Shipping

By purchasing the Brand Partner Business Kit, you confirm that you've read and agreed to the Brand Partner Agreement. Upon completion of the payment, you will be promoted to setup your Brand Partner account.

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You will never be alone on this journey. Personal website to training and tools, we provide everything you need to achieve your goals. Plus we guarantee that you will fall in love with our amazing community of like minded women from all walks of life; and will make lasting memories and friendships at our Brand Partner exclusive events.

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Our Giveback Program

Dreams are universal but opportunities are not. That's why we extend our mission to empower women through our giveback program, Kalaia Cares.